The Linux Submarine Simulator Project


LinSOUM is a project under development. Its goal is to create a World-War II submarine simulator. LinSOUM is aimed for the Linux Operating System (On any platform). The simulator is available as free software under the GNU Public License.

Planned featured:

    Full Internet Network Support for multiplayer game
    Allow more than one player per submarine
    Full realistic simulation
    Complete Sonar (active and passive) and Hydrophones support
    Diesel and Electric propellers
    Thermal layers support

Who's HERE ?

This list gives you some informations about who's doing what, and where.

If you're interested in joining us, or want to give some advice, don't hesitate please write !

Current state of development (taken from the Freebuilder Project)

How does a Submarine work ?

You can go directly to our point of view of the inner mechanisms of those old diesel submarines, or go to related pages:

Links to some coding infos we think are really useful

  • NetworkVR: A real cool tutorial about how to manage your inter-clients communications.


    LinSoum v0.01 [01 May 1997]
      First preliminary pre-pre-pre-pre-alpha test version. Submarine movement has been partially implemented.
    LinSoum v0.05 [06 July 1997]
      All submarine movements are done: Ballasts and motor based movement. a submarine. Starting Network Comms/Sonar code.


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